History of Feng Shui
Feng Shui Clients Testimonials
"Feng Shui" literally means "Wind & Water", and its origins date back more than 4,000 years.

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Traditional Feng Shui ConsultantMaster Yau combines Feng Shui and Tzi Wei Dou Shu to create solutions that are tailored to the individual client.
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"I highly recommend Master Yau to anyone who seeks more harmony, wealth, health, and prosperity in their lives. Master Yau has worked with us to make adjustments to harmonize, balance, and free the positive energies in our home and offices."
-- Jack Canfield

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Feng Shui and You
Feng Shui enables us to position ourselves within our environment to our best advantage.
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Feng Shui is a philosophy and science of living life in a harmonious relationship with the earth’s environment and its energy lines for balance, well-being, and prosperity.

The Master Yau Advantage

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is the mother of success.

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Life Chart Reading is the most informative, specific and accurate of all types of Life Chart readings in the world...


Master Yau conducting Blessing Ceremony for the Year of Goat 2015 in Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas.

What is Tzi Wei Dou Shu ?
Tzi Wei Dou Shu has the unique ability to pin point the innate abilities and potentials of a person. Not only does it tell you what is to come but what is here and now, inside of you.

Casino Feng Shui

Casino Feng Shui consultant Master Yau explains Casino Feng Shui.


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