Feng Shui for Business Space

The ancient Chinese art of creating an environment of balance and prosperity

A place of work is generally the place of high demands and high pressure. The success of a business rides directly on sustained productivity, focus, flexibility, and progressive thinking. These are some of the very elements that Feng Shui can provide or improve in a business space. Feng Shui principles can help identify the use and flow of space most conducive to a positive working atmosphere, which, studies have shown, provides global long-term benefits to both employer and employee. In addition, Feng Shui principles can radically influence the way that customers move through- and interact with -retail space, offering a degree of control that is essential to financial success.

A critical aspect of Feng Shui for the place of business is that it can be applied to scale. In other words, Feng Shui can be designed for an entire facility, a particular floor or department in which numerous employees work together, or for private, individual space such as an office or cubicle. With its capacity to promote constructive energy flow, well-being, and positive outcome, the advantages Feng Shui may bring to a conference room or corporate lounge are hard to ignore. In addition, these benefits can be present from the very beginning when Feng Shui is used to assist in planning for the design and construction goals of a specific site, such as a hotel, bank, office building, or other type of business space.

Improvement of business Spatial environment reinforces other working business assets.

Manipulating and fine-tuning interaction with the physical forces that surround business operations enhances the Earth Luck of any company, and Master Yau has helped hundreds of businesses - from the smallest operations to the largest corporate enterprises - to prosper from the improvement of their spatial environment. As so many of his clients have already discovered, this improvement serves to reinforce the other working assets of a company. In short, bringing Feng Shui into your business can boost your bottom line.

Consider this:
The Asian economy is in a period of unprecedented growth, and will continue to become ever more intimately connected with Western markets and commerce. What's more, both parts of the world have a great cultural wealth to share with one another. Most large business deals in China incorporate an element of Feng Shui that is thought to be vital to sealing the good fortune of the deal. By bringing this element of tradition into American business settings, Master Yau presents a unique opportunity to promote cultural closeness and understanding between East and West.