Traditional Feng Shui Life Chart Reading to Improve Your Finances and Career Luck

Feng Shui Life Chart Reading

Since its start in ancient China, Traditional Chinese Feng Shui life chart reading, known as Tzi Wei Dou Shu, has been practiced for thousands of years. Some even call it "Chinese Astrology". But Tzi Wei Dou Shu and Chinese Astrology are not equivalent concepts. Tzi Wei Dou Shu, or Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Life Chart Reading is the most accurate, informative and specific of all the types of chart reading that there are. Feng Shui Life chart reading relies on an individual's date of birth, time of birth, and the place of birth. Once that information has been put in, the resulting chart lays bare everything from the beginning to the end of a person's life: one's finances, luck, love, health, careers, children, friendships, property- for every year, for every month, even for every day of one's life. The chart can tell you when your lucky time will come, and will give you a chance to prepare. The traditional Feng Shui life chart also can tell when you'll have unlucky time, difficult situations, even accidents, which are definitely important to avoid wherever possible.

The key to successful traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultation, is the Feng Shui consultant's ability to combine the two energies- the energy of the environment surrounding the individual, and the personal energy of that individual. My expertise as an experienced Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultant lies in the unique vision and skills that allow me to conduct an accurate energies reading during each Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultation in your business or home. On the one hand, I read the energies of environment that surrounds the land, the energies of the house or the building. I read the external energies to understand how those energies influence my client's life. On the other hand, I read the individual client's Life Chart (Tzi Wei Dou Shu Life Chart) to determine that person's internal energies. Thus, the combined reading of the external energies specific to the environment surrounding my client, and the reading of my client's internal energies allow me to make effective Feng Shui recommendations. That is the only potent way to open the door to my client's prosperity.

For the career aspect of your chart, after a Chinese Feng Shui Life Chart reading you will know how strong your luck will be to deal with the business or projects. The Traditional Chinese Life Chart also tells you who to work with, who to hire, and generally how to succeed. In regards to finances, you will know when you are set to make money and when to make profitable investments. Also, the chart will tell you when your luck is low, when your situation has more conflicts, to give you the chance to hold your power, which is of major importance in today's economy.

A real-life client example during my Feng Shui consultations illustrates this point well. At the end of 2008 I had a client called "Nancy". She hired me for Feng Shui life chart reading. She told me she had big investments in stock. Based on my reading of her life chart, I concluded Nancy's career luck was not that strong at the end of that year, as her luck was low and she faced many conflicts. I advised her that it was not a good time for her to make investments. Nancy told me that she did in fact lose some money in stocks that year, but she had done her due diligence research on a company she believed would surely make a guaranteed profit on her investment. She said that in the previous years, before every Christmas, that large company's stock always climbed up. Nancy believed that pattern would be repeated. She also thought that the big company would always do well, and saw that stock as a good investment opportunity. I left her house emphasizing my recommendation, based on the reading of her life chart.

Several months later, I learned Nancy had lost a lot of money on that large company's stock. Had Nancy delayed investing her money until her luck improved, the result would have been totally different. That is the power and advantage of Tzi Wei Dou Shu.

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